California Association Local Agency Formation Commissions (CALAFCO):

Annual Conference

CALAFCO is a non-profit organization who provides legislative support and resources to member agencies for addressing statewide issues that affect residents and businesses. City and county annexations, special district formation, regional water management, and responsible land management are just a few of the complex, often controversial topics CALAFCO mitigates and oversees throughout California.

In 2017, With the goal of strengthening industry relationships and deepening member engagement, CV Strategies was engaged to plan, coordinate, and facilitate a three-day event to raise awareness of the importance of the commission’s services, provide networking opportunities for member agencies, and highlight the year’s most important legislative issues.

CV Strategies deployed a targeted industry-specific outreach campaign to garner conference participation, designed engaging corresponding materials and procured industry sponsors to minimize costs to the non-profit organization. CV Strategies planned, coordinated and facilitated a well-executed event that achieved the commission’s objectives and enhanced member engagement.

Service: Event Planning

Industry: Associations