City of Beaumont

Branding Identity

When the City of Beaumont wanted to strengthen its image and awareness of its brand, the City turned to CV Strategies for help. Our team worked with staff to determine what was working and what needed improving to differentiate the City from neighboring communities and convey the success of recent efforts to rebuild trust among residents and stakeholders. It was established that while the City’s existing logo was well-liked, it needed modernizing. Our designers fine-tuned the design and brightened the colors and font, lending a more welcoming and interesting feel to the logo. This work was followed by creation of a style guide to reinforce the City’s brand by ensuring consistency in all messaging. The style guide detailed the appropriate use of the City’s logo, colors, and fonts and was accompanied by a branding pack of letterhead, business cards, and templates for press releases, presentations, reports, and event flyers.

Service: Outreach Collateral

Industry: Cities & Municipalities